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We have four internal cylinder designs: From the designs we have the ability to build any configuration.

Gen-1 - Incorporates a top gland ring and seal stuffing box which is accessible from the top of the cylinder. The lower bearing is connected to the gland via a spacing ring which is sized for particular applications. Gen-1 designs can incorporate aluminum, brass, or cast iron bearings. Gen-1 cylinders are typically the easiest to service and can perform for a minimum of twenty years with proper maintenance. There are Gen-1 designs which are still functioning properly after 50 years of service.

Gen-2 - Similar to Gen-1 designs with one important feature. A groove is cut into the upper bearing structure allowing for the insert of a composite bearing. This composite bearing reduces friction, while increasing the life span of the cylinder. It also helps support side or off-centered loads typical in a lot of heavy duty equipment.

Travelling Bearing Design - We also offer cylinder designs which incorporate a travelling lower bearing. These cylinders are ideal for applications requiring underground installation, or any application where the upper bearing must be kept to a minimum in order to provide maximum stroke distance.

Millennium-3 - Our newest design incorporates the top portion of the outer casing as part of the bearing, providing an incredible amount of stability for large cylinders. Originally designed for heavy duty applications, we can incorporate this into many configurations.Please contact us for the best design to suit your specific needs.Heavy duty cylinders with steel supports add balance and strength to hydraulic applications. This permits an amount of off-centered load that a cylinder alone cannot handle. The design of these systems requires a great deal of expertise. With the Bestway design team you have a reliable source for even the most difficult hydraulic applications.Pictured above is a mammoth 16 inch cylinder incorporating our Millennium-3 bearing design. With this design the entire top portion of the cylinder is removable and serviceable. The wide gap between the upper bearing and the lower bearing allows this cylinder to handle tremendous side loads without the wear and tear that inflicts conventional cylinder designs.